Tired Of Paying Your Autoresponder Service Month After Month?

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From The Desk Of : Sam Mann

Re: How To Get Better Results With Your Email Marketing


Listen, if you are tired of paying your autoresponder service month after month while getting extremely low email deliverability and open rates, I know exactly how you feel.

I run a digital marketing company and 80% of our profits comes from our EMAIL MARKETING SOFTWARE.

Over the years we started noticing that our opens and clicks were dropping while our costs kept going up.

We Were Paying $200+ Per Month While
Getting Terrible Email Engagement

And remember, 80% of our income comes from email promotions so bad email opens and clicks meant that our profits were going down fast.

So I knew I had to do something.

And after a lot of research, I realised there was only one true solution.




The email marketing software wasn't as easy or fun as they made it seem.

We ran into a ton of issues, from email authentication to getting blocked by yahoo and google every time we mailed.

But after a lot of effort, we finally figured how to do it right.

After Almost 6 Months Of Testing, Our First Fully Functional Self Hosted Email Marketing Software Server Took Us From Getting Results Like This...

That's Almost 4 Times More Opens
& Email Engagement

Our email engagement shot up and we weren't paying a single penny in autoresponder fees.

We went from paying $200 a month ($2,000+ PER YEAR) to paying NOTHING while increasing our email marketing profits by atleast 10X

My team and I had finally perfected the formula to cranking out high quality self hosted email marketing software servers fast.

So if you are sick and tired of low email engagement and high monthly fees...

Hire My Team To Set Up A Fully Configured
Self Hosted Autoresponder For You

  • 100% Done For You Setup

    All you have to do is tell us the domain and email address you’d like to use. We’ll take care of everything else. With our self hosted autoresponder setup service you’ll have a fully configured server along with a bulk mailing software set up in 24 hours.
    You can import and start mailing right away.


  • No Monthly Fees

    Once you pay the one time set up fee, there will be no monthly fees no matter how many subscribers you import and how many emails you send. You won’t have to pay for 3rd party services like SendGrid or MailGun either.


  • Unique Dedicated IP

    Your setup will have a unique dedicated IP address which will give you complete control over your servers reputation and deliverability.


  • Better Opens & Clicks

    Since each server is properly configured, you’ll see marginally higher opens, clicks and email engagement compared to “mainstream” autoresponders.


  • Unlimited Everything

    There is absolutely no limit to how many emails you can import and send. We have clients with lists as big as 35 Million using our setup.


  • Mailing Software Included

    Setup comes preconfigured with an advanced cloud based mass mailing software. So, everything is truly done for you. All you have to do is start mailing 🙂

Easily Import Unlimited Leads Without Any Approval Process

Easy List Import

  • Easily import a list of emails in txt or csv format.
  • Easily create optin forms to collect emails from your blog or sales pages
  • Instant import - No approval OR confirmation required

Create Campaigns Just Like In Any Other
Mainstream Autoresponder

Easy List Import

Setting Up Autoresponder Follow Ups Are A Breeze

Easy List Import

Detailed Reporting

Much Better Inboxing And Open Rates Than
Any Other Service Out There

Easy List Import

Easy List Import

Our Service Is More Than Just An Autoresponder Software Install

We Are Not Charging You For Just
Installing An Self Hosted Autoresponder Software

  • We Configure Your Server From Scratch
  • We Make Sure It Is Optimized For The Best Sending Speed
  • We Install And Set Up SSL Certificates For Your Server
  • We Make Sure SPF, DKIM And DMarc Is Properly Configured
  • We Make Sure All Emails Are Being Authenticated Properly

Above All...

We Make Sure That The Emails From Our Email Marketing Software Are Properly Getting Inboxed.


Our Money Back Guarantee

If the emails you send from the server do not get inboxed, then we’ll refund 100% of your money back. No Questions Asked.

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privacy This information is used to follow up with you one time only.